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Show your appreciation this Father’s Day

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It’s the one day a year that you get to thoroughly spoil your dad and thank him for everything he’s done for you – so why not show him your appreciation in style. At Piccadilly Arcade, we’ve got the perfect gifts for every dad out there.

For the outdoorsy one

Did your childhood holidays always involve long walks and tents? Treat your adventure-loving dad this Father’s Day to a gift he’ll love. Cotswold Outdoors stock an extensive range of outdoor clothing and equipment from leading brands including North Face, Rab and Fjällräven and will leave your dad spoilt for choice on his special day.

For the traditional one

If your dad loves antiques then Piccadilly Jewellers has the answer to all your gift prayers, offering a wide variety of jewellery, silverware and china. Their unique cufflinks and timepieces really are special and would make the perfect gift.

For the foody

If your dad would rather spend some time enjoying a bite to eat with you, bring him along to Faculty Coffee and treat him to one of their perfectly brewed coffees and delicious cakes from Sixteen Bakery. There’s so much choice, he might want two.

For the image conscious one

David and his incredibly talented team of barbers at Shepherds are masters in their trade, and if your dad takes great pride in the way he looks, or is just overdue a new lid, then pop into Shepherds and pick up a gift card today. You can also treat him to a wet-shave or some of their home-crafted products that are made from the highest quality natural ingredients.

Whatever you choose for your fathers relaxing day, he’ll appreciate everything!



A Life In The Year Of The Chinchillas

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Piccadilly Arcade is one of Birmingham’s most historic retail destinations, housing over a dozen of the best independent retailers England’s second city has to offer. Despite being a beloved retail destination, it’s easy to understand why many local residents and commuters decide to take the scenic route through the Arcade that connects New Street and Stephenson Street.

But when was the last time you looked up during your journey through Piccadilly Arcade?

Did you know you were being watched? No, not by any piece of modern technology, but by a series of painted ceiling murals, titled ‘A Life In The Year Of The Chinchillas’. The piece of artwork was created by artist Paul Maxfield in 1989 when Piccadilly Arcade was refurbished by Douglas Hitchman.

Over 100 years ago cinema goers would flock to the ‘The Picture House, New Street’ in order to escape their daily lives and become engrossed in a silent film and the story unfolding on the big screen. Despite the cinema closing its doors in 1925 and then transforming into Piccadilly Arcade, the famous building enriched in history still can’t help to tell a story.

On the ceiling throughout the walkway in Piccadilly Arcade are six panels, each of which illustrates part of a story told by Paul Maxfield in his artwork, ‘A Life In The Year Of The Chinchillas’. The paintings depict the four seasons of the year and are also symbolic of the life cycle.

Each mural has its own setting and series of events unfolding within the frame. One season showcases a man parachuting down from the sky, and with the painting also doubling up as an illusion, it looks as though he is about to land in Piccadilly Arcade. One of the other reasons as to why this mural doubles up as an illusion is also due to the positioning of the characters inside the painting.

Each mural features a series of characters that are looking down upon you. This illusion breaks the fourth wall, with the people inside the mural acting as though they are aware of your presence. The people inside the pictures are spread around the edge of the paintings, hugging the bronze frame, almost as though they are trying not to fall out of the painting onto Piccadilly Arcade’s walkway.

Paul Maxfield’s ceiling murals is a gem that rushing shoppers and commuters often miss. Remember, the next time you walk through Piccadilly Arcade, look up. The old cinema venue still can’t help to put on a show.